What services do we offer?

  • New website creation with a basic CMS that anyone in your team is able to manage.
  • Online store setup with free software that will have no extra ongoing costs – simply the time put into maintaining stock.
  • Website on-page SEO setup to ensure your website is relative to keywords that you want to be ranking for.
  • Local presence setup and maintenance – It is critical that all of your online listing are consistent in their information, and we can set your business up in dozens of the most popular, relevant online directories, which will also help your website’s SEO.
  • Copy creation – content really is king when it comes to great SEO. That’s why we have specialists who can create quality copy for your website to help you rank better.
  • Blog management – we recommend a blog or similar to keep your website recent and allow easy regular updates. If you don’t have someone in your team to do this, we can create SEO friendly blogs and update them on your website.
  • Website hosting – if you don’t currently have a website set up elsewhere, we can host your website for you. This allows us to manage your services closely, reducing how many middle-men there are, saving time and money.
  • Ongoing menu and eCommerce maintenance services.
  • Team photography, portraiture or high-resolution photos of your business to add to your website. Update old or low-quality photos to show the best of your brand.

We also have PARTNERS who specialise in the following services:

  • PPC Google Ad Management – these guys will manage your ad campaigns for a low fee and ensure spend is within your budget.
  • Ongoing SEO services – these guys really know their stuff, and ensure quality backlinks to your website, guaranteeing you a boost to your website’s trustworthiness, allowing it to be ranked higher in Google.

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we offer local presence services

Did you set up a Google My Business account, brush your hands and think the job was done? Think again.
Did you know that we have our eyes on over 2000 online directories?
250+ for restaurants, and 190+ for online stores.
Did you also know that consistent details among online directories can help with your SEO and rankings?

Do any of the following apply to you? We can help.

  • I want more business online.
  • How do I get more reviews?
  • Do I even have reviews?
  • How do I respond to reviews?
  • What pictures or videos are posted about my business?
  • How am I performing in search?
  • How am I performing online? Am I improving?

We offer local presence management services to help you with a clear and consistent message to your customers – while listing your business in dozens of places to help catch as many as possible. We report monthly to show you how you are tracking and where you can improve.

basic presence

basic presence




– Business set up in our top 10 directories
– Includes 2 months of reporting

extended presence

Extended presence




– Business set up in our top 20 directories
– Includes 3 months of reporting

ongoing exposure

Ongoing presence




– Monthly Report
– 3 New Directories Added Monthly
– Consistent growth