Keep It Simple

KISS – Keep it simple, stupid.

This is our #1 principle – keep it simple.
When someone lands on your website, do you want to overload them with information, or do you want to give them a simple guided journey through to make a purchase?

Our philosophy is this:
Simple website, with simple and clean graphics, leading to a purchase of a product or service, from a simple store that just works.
Of course, we make all of this pretty, but we just don’t make it overly complicated.

Our mission is to allow all small businesses in Australia a chance to continue to sell their products online, to ensure we keep as many people employed as possible. This isn’t to say that we can’t help medium or large businesses, but our focus is on ensuring small businesses have a fighting chance; through what has been a pretty crazy start to 2020.

We are currently offering a discount for small businesses affected by COVID-19.

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